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Do I have to register to use and or access a Leisure United Hub?

Yes, we require everyone who uses our hubs to, find their nearest hub and then register via the website. Register now by clicking here https://leisureunited.com/find-a-hub/

Why do we need to register?

The hubs are part of a national rollout programme, to continue investing in the hubs and other cities we are committed to tracking attendance and participation. Furthermore, our strict registration enforces the best safeguarding measures for everyone. To gain access to one of our hubs, register online and you will be emailed a unique QR code which will operate the turnstile in any of our hubs.

How do you register?

The quickest and most efficient way is to register online prior to arrival – click on the button saying ‘register now’, fill in all the fields and you will then get emailed your own QR code which you can save onto your mobile phone or print off to gain access in club.

Does the same QR code work for all Leisure United Hubs?

Yes! Your personalised QR code gives you access to all Leisure United football clubs so you’ll only ever have to register once.

Do I need to register all my team players and or family members?

Yes! Each player/spectator will need to register so they all get their own individual unique QR code.

Do I still need to register if I am not playing and just a spectator?

Yes! Any person wanting to access the pitches will need to register and have their own QR code to gain access through the turnstiles.

I’m only using the pitch this one time do I need to register?

Unfortunately, yes! You will only need to register once and its instant, it will also give you access to all the clubs should you wish to use one in future.

I’ve forgotten my password how can I log back into retrieve my code?

If you still know your username you can request to change your password with the ‘forgotten password’ tab. If you don’t remember your username then please contact your nearest hub and they will assist you by resetting your account.

How do I access my partner/child details on my account?

If you have registered your family/team on to your account you can access their individual QR codes by clicking on the “relationship” tab on the left hand side. When you have clicked on “relationships” the individual details for all the people you have registered should be on there. If you click on their ‘URN’ number you can gain access to their individual QR code.

What is the best way to access my QR code?

When you receive your code, you should always save to your photos on your mobile device. You can also print the code and keep a copy for each visit. The hubs also offer a QR code service where they can print and put your code onto a keyring.

How do I use my QR Code?

When you come into the centre, we have a turnstile, you open your code and then put your code in front of the scanner. You will hear a light beep noise and the light will turn green, at that point you will be able to walk through the turnstile.

What happens if I have an issue with my code?

All the hub staff are there to help and they can access the details and arrange for a new QR code.

I haven’t got a picture phone; how can I get a code?

You can print it off or buy a key ring from your local hub with it on.


How do I join the gym?

It is really simple, find your nearest hub and click join now and follow the online joining system. Alternatively pop along to your nearest hub and one of our helpful members of staff can help you join.

What is the minimum age for a gym membership?

Our minimum age for full membership is 16 years. Some locations offer a teen membership contact your nearest hub to see if this available.

Do I need an induction?

We would encourage all joiners to have an induction to familiarise themselves with the safe operating of each piece of equipment, it is not compulsory though.

What does my membership include?

Full use of the gym and group exercise classes.

Do you have a sauna or swimming pool?

Unfortunately, we do not have saunas or swimming facilities at any of our hubs.

How do I book a class?

You can book onto a class by logging into your account, click classes, you will find the next 6 days of classes. Once you have found a class you want to do, just click book.

How do I can cancel a class booking?

If you want to cancel a class, log in to your account, click classes and click cancel next to the class you want to cancel.

Are there cleaning stations?

Yes. We have added cleaning stations and request that you wipe down the machine after use.

Will paper towels and sanitiser be available?

Yes. We have added hand sanitiser stations and placed reminders for staff and customers on how to maintain a high personal hygiene standard.


Can I book a football pitch online?

Unfortunately, this is not possible, please contact your local hub by phone to ensure availability and book a pitch.

Can I ring one hub to book into any location?

No, you must contact the hub in the location you will be visiting.

How many football pitches do you have?

Each hub has a different configuration of pitches, for more information on each hub please click here. At all hubs we have full size, all-weather 3g, floodlit pitches.

How much is it to rent a football pitch?

The prices vary depending on size of the pitch required and the time you want to play/train, phone your local hub to discuss your requirements.

Can I pay when we turn up?

All bookings need to be paid for in advance, you can do this online when you log in or by calling your hub.

Is it all 3g pitches?

No we have grass pitches alongside our 3g pitches. For more information about the facilities available find your nearest hub https://leisureunited.com/find-a-hub/.

Can we use grass pitches?

Grass pitches are very popular so we would encourage you to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

What footwear can I wear on the pitches?

We have a strict policy on footwear. Moulded football studs are recommended. We do NOT allow any trainers, metal studs or blades on any of our pitches.

Do you have to bring your own football?

Yes, we do not provide footballs.


What time do the hubs open?

Each hub varies, please find your hub and view their individual opening hours.

Do you have parking?

Each hub has large floodlit car parking areas with dedicated accessible spaces.

Do you have football changing facilities?

Yes, each hub has a number of team changing rooms, showers and lockable storage. There are also separate dedicated officials changing facilities too.

Do you have referees changing rooms?

At each hub there is a minimum of two dedicated referee changing rooms, with showers and lockable storage.

Do you have accessible facilities?

Yes, we have one access toilet and a further changing room with a shower and toilet at each hub.

Do you have baby change facilities?

Yes, we have baby changing facilities within the accessible shower room at each hub.

Are there refreshments at the hubs?

Each hub has an on-site café that sells a range of hot and cold drinks, food and snacks for eat-in or takeaway.

Do you have a training room?

Each hub has at least one training room that is equipped to accommodate 30-40 people.

Do you do development sessions for kids?

Each hub runs its own programme of weekly development sessions for kids. Please find your hub https://leisureunited.com/find-a-hub/ and contact them for more information

Do you have showers and lockers?

Yes, we have showers and lockers at all hubs. Our lockers are secured with padlocks, feel free to bring your own padlock or purchase one from the reception desk in the hub.

Can I keep my locker and leave things overnight?

Nothing must be left overnight, all lockers are checked before we close the building, and any padlocks are removed.

What do I do if I feel unwell?

Report to a member of staff who will assist you appropriately.

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