Fitness Terms & Conditions

Gym Membership Terms


The Trust means Leisure United Charitable Trust the operator.

The Manager means the Manager in post at the Hub and includes any personnel from the Appointed Leisure Management Partner authorised by Leisure United to perform the duties of that particular post. User means any person using the Hub or its facilities whether or not any charge has been paid and includes spectators. Questions arising as to the interpretation of these rules shall be determined by the Manager whose decision shall be final. We will not tolerate any abuse of staff by any member of the public whether a paid-up member or casual pay as you go user. Any abusive language or physical assault will result in the police being informed and CCTV footage will be used to identify and used as evidence. CCTV coverage is recording throughout the internal and external areas of the Leisure Centre.

Promotional offer

Membership offer’s will be offered from time to time and will be subject to additional terms and conditions. All customers redeeming the offer are bound by the membership terms and conditions. All customers redeeming the offer will be required to complete a health questionnaire, medical assessment and participate in a fitness suite induction. On site Management, and the Director of Operations has the final decision in all matters relating to this offer and their decision is final and binding. Management has the right to remove, amend or extend this offer at any time.

No refunds are available once contracts have been signed.

Admission and fees

For all information on memberships and prices please visit or the main reception of the Hub. Those admitted to the Hub are only admitted on the basis they will observe these rules. There is no re-admission without the required payment. All fees must be paid prior to commencing use of the facility. All persons entering the Hub must purchase the appropriate day pass or produce a current and active membership card. Customers who are eligible for a concessionary rate must show relevant supporting evidence when required, in particular college staff and students. All passes including membership cards must be retained, produced or surrendered by the Manager or Duty Manager on demand. Any complimentary passes issued by the Hub, are issued without prejudice and the issue of such pass does not represent an admission of liability.

The Management reserves the right to refuse admission or to remove from the Hub any user without stating any reason. Therefore, a user shall at any time comply with all reasonable instructions and requests of the manager to carry out and observe all instructions relating to the use of the Hub and conduct. All members must use their own membership card at all times within the Hub and swipe it to validate their visit/participation in each activity.


Your membership is valid at any of the Leisure United Hubs.

Your membership commences from date of purchase, you are responsible for contacting the Hub to arrange your induction.

We have the right to refuse your application for membership.

If we cease to work the Hub due to its sale or transfer or other disruption closed, your Membership of the Hub will (unless otherwise notified to you) continue to be valid.

Please inform the Hub in writing of any changes in your name, address, telephone number, email address. We may terminate your Membership in the following situations and with the following notice periods:

Without notice if you repeatedly or seriously break the centre Rules.

Freezing of Gym Membership

If you are unable to use the Hub facilities for any reason you may suspend your Membership. You must however have completed three full months as a member to qualify for suspension. You may suspend for a minimum of one month to a maximum of three months within any period of 12 consecutive months. 2 weeks’ notice prior to your next direct debit date is required. You are limited to a maximum of 3 months freeze in total in any 12-month period. The cost is £5 per month.

Cancellation of Membership

If you wish to cancel your membership, you must give four weeks’ notice either by phone & email or coming into the Hub. Cancelling your direct debit but not giving notice will not cancel your membership. Should you have any queries regarding cancellations please contact the management team at your local Hub.

Your Membership Card

On joining the Hub you will be issued a Membership card. Each time you visit the Hub you must show this card to staff at the reception and or swipe in at one of the available kiosks.

Membership is personal to you and it cannot be assigned or transferred to another person. As such, you may not lend your Membership card to anyone else or allow the card to be used by anyone else. If you lend your Membership card to another person then we may terminate your Membership.

If you wish to enter the Hub without a valid Membership card, we reserve the right to refuse admission if you cannot provide alternative satisfactory proof of identity. We also reserve the right to refuse admission if you repeatedly fail to bring your Membership card.

It is a member’s responsibility to keep safe their personal membership card, should it be lost, stolen or misplaced the member must purchase a replacement from the main reception at a fee of £5. No member will be allowed admittance into the Hub without a valid membership card.

Health and Safety

All personal property is a user’s responsibility and must be safely stored and locked in the lockers provided. Strictly no personal property is allowed unattended in changing rooms.

Strictly no photography within the building at any time. Strictly no gym bags are allowed on the gym floor.

The management reserves the right to hold practice alarm drills from time to time in order to test the procedure for clearing the Hub in case of emergency. All accidents must be reported to the manager immediately and an accident form completed. If an alarm sounds and managers/staff ask members to vacate the premises they must do so without collecting anything from the changing room, members must leave through the nearest exist as instructed and not return to the building until all clear is given.

If your circumstances change at any time; that may inadvertently affect your safety when using the facilities at the Hub, please let a member of staff know immediately. All members are encouraged to have a full induction and to have a complete understanding of the equipment and the Smart Card process

Correct footwear must be worn at all times.

Facilities and services

The Appointed Management reserves the right to alter, amend or cancel admission charges, availability of facilities, access to facilities, timing of activities and classes at any time and without notice. All users are requested to vacate all facilities when a period of time for which they booked has expired as they may delay other users who have paid for the next booking. All users must respect all equipment, facilities, furniture, fittings, apparatus and building infrastructure at all times. A user shall pay to the Hub on demand the cost of any damage caused. The Manager’s decision is final. Users should observe single sex change and toilet facilities using this appropriate to their gender at all times. Disabled facilities have been provided for strict use only by the disabled user and their carer and family.

Fitness suite

Only adults aged 16 years or over are permitted to use the gym. All gym users must complete a medical questionnaire and participate in an induction with one of our fitness instructors prior to using/visiting the gym. Equipment will only work with a valid membership Card. Please wipe down the machines with a towel after use. Please ensure all equipment is returned safely to its original location. We respectfully ask users to wear clean sports kit and appropriate footwear; please refrain from using outdoor footwear in the gym. Users are advised to alert Hub staff if they have any medical conditions that may affect your ability to exercise or if your health changes throughout your membership at the Hub.


Users/members of classes must wait outside the studio/hall until invited in by the instructor and be available 5 minutes before the class commences. Once the class has started there will be no further admission. All classes must be pre-booked via our online booking system and or via the main reception kiosk or reception. We aim to provide a balanced and varied programme of classes each week subject to availability and viability. Please note classes may be cancelled or suspended without notice at Management’s discretion.


For your security, lockers have been provided they operate with a padlock. All users must respect each other when using the Hub, foul and abusive language and anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated. Users who disregard the above and effect the enjoyment of the Hub by others will be removed from the Hub immediately. The public address system cannot be used for personal calls at any time. Users wishing to make a complaint or a useful suggestion to the operational best practice of the Hub must complete a customer feedback form located at the main reception. All formal complaints must be made directly to the Manager in writing.

The Manager reserves the right to dispose of any item of non-valuable lost property not claimed after two weeks. Valuable lost property will be disposed of after 1months. Appropriate clothing must be worn at all times, relating to the activity/facility you are participating in. No user shall reward an instructor or staff member personally without prior consent of the Manager.

The Hub has a strict no smoking policy. No animals are allowed in the Hub with the exception of dogs assisting a disabled person. We reserve the right to refuse admission or ask you to leave the Hub if we reasonably believe you or your guest is in breach of any section of these rules.

The decision of the Manager on every occasion is final.

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