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Pitch Hire

We have the space you need to play

From quarter size pitch hire for five-a-side football, right up to full size grass pitch hire for eleven-a-side matches. Hire a pitch as a one-off booking for a friendly kick about, or corporate competition. Get FA affiliate club rates, or secure a block booking for regular training slots or multi-pitch bookings, or choose off-peak as an affordable option for 5,7,9 and 11-a-side football.

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Pitch perfect

Got a youth side, girls team, play for a men’s or women’s FA affiliated partner club? LU have the perfect pitch for everyone. 5,6,7,9 or 11-a-side pitches for games or training, we’ll fit you in and with the best deals around!

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block bookings

Book a block of ten or more consecutive pitch hires to secure your regular time, day and space and still pay weekly 7 days in advance.

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All year round

Game on! All year round, we’ve got the ground, warm changing rooms and showers. bring on the weather, let it rain - you can still play on LU’s all-weather, floodlit pitches.

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Achieve your fitness goals

Playing football builds strength, improves cardio vascular fitness, core stability and stamina – all while you’re having fun with your mates. Back of the net!

Find your perfect pitch

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