Group Training

group training

Improve your flexibility, increase your strength, build your cardio capacity with our instructor led group training classes. With a broad timetable and fitness classes to appeal to everyone, of any ability, there are endurance training, strength, toning, flexibility and relaxation options.

  • Ab Blast

    Hit your abdominal area with this high-intensity interval training. Get ready to crunch and plank your way to a strong core and toned stomach. Flatten that bulge, discover and develop your six pack, improve flexibility, functional movement and even your balance. 45-minute abdominal workout including warmup and cooldown.

  • Badass

    Get your badass in motion with street dance and combat moves, in this high-energy choreographed fitness class. Flex, pump, jump and find your attitude and rhythm, as you sweat with style! This is a cardiovascular, conditioning class that will improve body tone, flexibility, coordination, and balance. 45-minute aerobic workout including warmup and cooldown.

  • Bhangra

    Uplifting Bhangra exercise classes are based on Punjabi celebratory folk dance. Consisting of 11 easy-to-follow moves, Bhangra is an upbeat, feelgood way to burn calories and get your body moving. Enjoy an aerobic, Bhangra music-based workout, tone your limbs, improve your posture and flexibility. 45-minute aerobic workout including warmup and cooldown.

  • Body Burn

    Feel those muscles heat up and work. Body burn is high intensity and involves hand weights and kettlebells. Build strength by blasting out as many reps as possible in a short time. Designed to condition and tone your whole body by burning fat and boosting your metabolism. 45-minute strength workout including warmup and cooldown.

  • Body Sculpt

    Sculpt and tone your body by using core conditioning, non-aerobic exercises. This is essentially weight training in a class setting. Focus on core strength and be prepared to use weights and bands for strength and resistance training to get in shape. 30-minute strength workout including warmup and cooldown.

  • Boot Camp

    Move it soldier! Be prepared for sharp blasts of intensive activity with short rest intervals and go again. Pullup, pushup, lunge, sprint, crunch and burpee your way to an all over fitter, stronger body. It’s intense and results in improved fitness and strength. 45-minute high intensity workout.

  • Booty Burn

    Move out the junk in your trunk, ass, booty, bum, butt - whatever you call it, be prepared to activate those glutes! Squat, bridge, stretch and kick every which way we can, and feel the burn of the lower body muscles kick in. Tighten, lift, strengthen and tone your booty. 45-minute strength workout.

  • Box Fit

    Box your way to ring-ready fitness in this high energy cardio and strength class, which uses boxing drills and techniques such as skipping and fast footwork alongside abdominal workouts. Don’t worry, it’s non-contact, but get ready to hit this class hard! 45-minute cardio and conditioning workout.

  • Circuits

    Make your way around a combo of exercise stations to challenge every aspect of your body’s fitness and strength. Also make the most of those short recovery breaks and pace yourself, as we go again, and again! The time ticks away quickly, and your fitness builds quickly too. 45-minute interval training class.

  • Dance Fit

    Whether you’re a dad dancer, got the moves like Jagger or even Beyonce, you’ll love dance fit’s variety and fun approach to get you moving while you’re grooving along to the music. Improve your aerobic ability, flexibility and coordination in an accessible, uplifting way. 45-minute aerobic workout including warmup and cooldown.

  • Functional Fitness

    Increase the range of your movement, build strength and condition to perform demanding daily tasks, better. Work all major muscle groups by pulling, pushing, squatting, hinging, rotating and working on your gait, balance and flexibility. 45-minute mobility class with warmup and cooldown

  • HIIT

    Challenge yourself with High Intensity Interval Training. We’ll take you to the max of your ability in short bursts of high intensity strength and cardiovascular exercises, interspersed with brief recovery periods. Builds strength, improves stamina, burns fat, relieves stress and is great for overall fitness with fast results. 30-minute interval training class.

  • Kettle Bells

    Squat, swing, clean and press kettlebells to work multiple muscle groups in a variety of weight-bearing exercises, designed for a leaner, firmer physique without building bulk. Fantastic for core, lower back and glutes, builds fluidity of movement and endurance. 45-minute strength class.

  • Learn to Lift

    Grasp the correct techniques when you take to the weights, build your confidence and maximise the results you gain from your weightlifting. Understand the effects of increasing or decreasing weights, reps and recovery periods when you weight train. 45-minute technique class.

  • Legs Bums and Tums

    Lower body workout with highly impactful results. Prepare to lunge, jump, squat, step and crunch your lower body into better shape, using some equipment and your body’s own resistance. Improves core fitness, muscle tone, strength and flexibility. 45-minute aerobic toning class.

  • Low Impact Functional

    Get fit for life! Improve mobility and strength to undertake everyday tasks with ease. We’ll get you bending, lifting, pushing and pulling better, by improving your overall fitness and range of movement, flexibility and strength, without exposing you to the stresses and strains of higher intensity workouts. 45-minute mobility class with warmup and cooldown.

  • Meta Fit

    A super time-efficient, high-intensity workout designed to maximise results in the minimum time. It’s the brainchild of a former Royal Marine and boosts metabolism, burns fat and increases cardiovascular endurance. Be prepared for traditional bodyweight exercises in a high-intensity interval style, without choreography. 30-minute high intensity class.

  • Slow Flow Yoga

    Meditative slow flow yoga involves holding each pose for longer to increase mindfulness and gives the opportunity for mind-body connection, as we breath in pose and take time to concentrate and extend each fluid movement. Peacefully builds strength, flexibility, balance and wellbeing. 60-minute yoga class with warmup and relaxation.

  • Strength and Conditioning

    Resistance is at the core of this class. You’ll be using a variety of techniques, including the use of weights. Ideal for building muscle, stronger bones and joints, reducing fat, burning calories and increasing your overall stamina and endurance. Get strong, be in condition and protect against injury. 45-minute strength and conditioning class.

  • U Cycle

    Get on your bike and spin into a U Cycle class! Hit the saddle and ride your way to a fitter, stronger body, whatever the weather. These are high fun, high energy, group cycle classes providing a low-impact cardiovascular workout. Great for stamina, the core and lower body. 45-minute cardio workout with warmup and cooldown.

  • Upper Body

    A workout from the waist up. Prepare to set those shoulders, loosen those backs, work those biceps and triceps and puff out those pectoral muscles. Curls, kickbacks, presses, pullups and dips will make for a stronger, more toned and flexible upper body. 45-minute upper body workout with warmup and cooldown.

  • Yoga

    Unite mind and body with an LU Yoga class. Find your flow, utilise deep breathing techniques and stretch into poses to improve strength, balance and flexibility. A low-impact way to improve your health, wellbeing and maintain energy and vitality. 60-minute yoga class with warmup and relaxation.

  • Zumba

    Move to the rhythmic Latino and international beats as we dance our way up to high energy Salsa songs, and then bring it back down to a slow Merengue. This is a feelgood class, that lifts your mood and your heartrate, while improving coordination with choreography. 60-minute aerobic dance class with warmup and cooldown.


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