We’re a big fan of football for fitness.

10 January 2022

Tackle your health
It’s the time of year you’re encouraged to try to tackle new goals, and find a new, fitter you. There’s a big emphasis on keeping fit and looking after our general health and wellbeing. However, going ‘Gung Ho’ into some new fitness fad often doesn’t last beyond January. Doing what you love, at a pace that suits you – whether that’s a pitch-long sprint or walking football – leads to a lifetime of fitness benefits.

The great outdoors
Breathe in the fresh air whilst enjoying a game of football. Outdoor activities pose a lower risk of the spread of the COVID-19 virus than indoor activities. Keep your mind and body fit, safely.

Burn calories
Playing football is a great way to burn calories, even a casual 60 minutes of playing burns 500 calories, whereas an intense 90-minute game can burn as many as 800 calories. You get out in the fresh air, improve your aerobic capacity, play your way to lower body fat and improve your muscle tone.

Exercise your mind
In addition to a physical workout, football also challenges your cognitive skills. The focus you need to play improves concentration, builds persistence, confidence and self-esteem.  Your co-ordination improves and you’ll be making your brain work with the teamwork. When you’re part of a team you’re committed to each other, to turning up and trying your best. You get time with your mates, and give the feel-good hormones chance to flow, away from the stresses of the day.

A good habit
Getting into a good habit of playing football will benefit you, regardless of the level you play at. A regular game of football increases your stamina, develops muscle strength, improves your fitness and strengthens your overall health and feeling of wellbeing. Whether it’s a weekly kickaround with your mates, a friendly 5-a-side league, or playing for an FA affiliated club. We’ve got games, tournaments and leagues for all ages, from toddlers to grandads.

 Get into football, get into the hub and the result will be positive – a lifetime of fitness, friendship and fun.

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